Unfortunately, this page only exists in Dutch, just like my books.
You can find a short bio/bibliography in English here.

If you require more information about my most recent novels
Meisjes, Moslims & Motoren, Diggers, De kunst van het vallen or about any of my screenplays,
if you have any questions concerning foreign right matters or available translations,
or if you have any other question about my work or travels, please contact me via mail.

Below you find the audiolink to my Hausgäste-lesung at the fantastic Literarisches Colloquium Berlin about my novels (previous and in-the-making) and my new music theatre project #HetKanaal. I’ve also read you a piece of De kunst van het vallen in German, translated wonderfully into German by Isabel Hessel.  Since I never had German in school, it was more bravery than elegance, but hey – ich habe es geschafft!




Sarah Hartl also did an interview with me for Kulturradio RBB – you can find that by clicking the link here!
On kulturradio vom rbb!

Thank you!