all is fair (in love & war) – muziektheater – 2019 (#multilingual)

All Is Fair (in Love & War) is a music theatre concept by composer Annelies Van Parys (music & musical concept) and author Gaea Schoeters (concept & multi-lingual libretto)made to measure for Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart. Currently in development. Detailed info available for interested co-producers. // All Is Fair (in Love & War) is een muziektheaterproject dat ik in samenwerking met componiste Annelies Van Parys ontwikkel in opdracht van Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart. 

© Trui Hanoulle

Love. Desire. Conquer. Want. Conquer. Destroy.

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power,” Oscar Wilde writes jokingly. However unlikely it may seem, love and power politics are closely connected indeed; there is a striking similarity between the dynamics and mechanics which steer both. A well-meant ideology can evolve into totalitarism in the same way an infatuation can turn into an obsession. Jealousy causes bitter divorces or even passionate murders like greed or presumed moral superiority lead nations to war. With fragments of famous political speeches and romantic texts and love-letters we build two parallel narratives about conquest, victory and loss: a love-story and a war-story. Gradually, they blend into one another, until, intertwined, they form a new narrative.

© Trui Hanoulle




Build your own Truth!
This box contains:
A 70’ staged music theatre production
Two 35’ semi-staged music theatre productions
Two 17’ staged or un-staged song-cycles
Endless variations of shorter programs of any length
# building bricks