07/02/2024 — LCB Berlin


Fix sexism in literature! An attempt to an international approach

During this evening we want to present the Fixdit Manifesto ‘Optimistic anger’ and discuss genderbias and -inequality against its historical backdrop and in an international context. Who were our female predecessors and why were they not canonised? Which female authors from all over the world influences our work? And in which genres did they (and do we) excell? Is there such a thing as female literature? And above all: what can we, writers, readers and booksellers, do to amplify these female voices? A multi-voiced debate on literary polyphony.
An interactive evening with performances and debate.
Hosts: Shantie Singh and Christine Otten
Authors: Annelies Verbeke, Sanneke van Hassel, Shantie Sing, Christine Otten, Manon Uphoff