They have waited long enough!

Trilogy of songs (2021) — Concept: Tamar Bruggeman — Muziek: Annelies Van Parys, Calliope Tsoupaki & Aftab Darvishi — Libretto: Gaea Schoeters — Met sopraan Charlotte Waijnberg & auteur Natalie Haynes — Een productie van Wonderfeel, Antwerp Liedfest & Lunalia.

Medea, Circe, Penelope finally get to tell their own story. Composers Annelies Van Parys, Aftab Darvishi and Calliope Tsoupaki each give a new, contemporary voice to three female figures in the margins of myth, where they had been relegated for far too long.
Discover their stories in a new light, full of nuance and immense power. Is Medea a vengeful monster or a mother devoured by compassion? Or take Circe: evil witch or an all too human heroine? And what could Penelope be hiding behind her supposedly idle waiting? Writer Gaea Schoeters searches for words to do this illustrious triad justice: moving and liberating.
Soprano Charlotte Wajnberg sings them to life. Three colourful soloists on clarinet, duduk and qanun enter into an intense dialogue with a string quartet. And British stand-up classicist and storyteller Natalie Haynes provides a compelling introduction.
Het volledige programma en alle teksten kan je hier nalezen.
Intussen is er ook een versie van Medea van Annelies van Parys voor sopraan, orgel en strijkkwartet. Die kan je hier bekijken.


Klassiek van nu — Thea Derks
Interview Aftab Darvishi – NRC 




The trilogy of songs will be performed – COVID volente – for the first time on 24 April in a try-out during Antwerp Liedfest (at 13:00 pm). Followed by the premiere at Lunalia on 26 April (hopefully including a video recording). There are also performances planned during the Pückler-Karawane in June, Walden Festival (17 July), Wonderfeel (18 July) and Oranjewoud Festival (2022). More about this planning will follow.

24 April 2021                         Try-out concert Antwerp Liedfest
26 April 2021                         Premiere Lunalia With video recording
17 mei 2021, 20u                  Klara /
17/18 July 2021                    Concert Wonderfeel 2x in Hilversum
18 July 2021                            Walden Festival (KLARA FESTIVAL)
5 juni ’22                                Oranjewoud Festival / Ragazze quartet
25 sept ’22                             September me / Amersfoort
8 nov ’22                                Tivoli Vredenburg / Ragazze quartet
9 nov ’22                                November Music Den Bosch
11 nov ’22                             Saint John Square Londen

Medea in orgelversie
21/05/22                               Orgelpark Amsterdam
22/05/22                               Willibrordkerk Utrecht

Cast & Crew

Calliope Tsoupaki (Penelope)
Annelies Van Parys (Medea)
Aftab Darvishi (Circe)
Gaea Schoeters

Charlotte Wajnberg, soprano
Raphaëla Danksagmüller, duduk
Osama Abdulrasol, qanun
Annelien Van Wauwe, clarinettist
and her ensemble Carousel:
Samuel Nemtanu, viool
Nicolas Dupont, viool
Mihai Cocea, altviool
Louis Rodde, cello
Natalie Haynes, Stand Up Classicist
They have waited long enough!